Role Summary:

As a React Native Lead Engineer at Blue Label Labs, you will guide a team of developers to design and implement full-stack mobile applications from start to finish. You will coordinate the activities of individual developers on a project team, research and provide guidance on technical solutions, and be a caretaker of good coding practices and engineering standards. You will work collaboratively with other development leads in the company to contribute to and take advantage of industry best practices. This is not a client-facing role, but you could get pulled into a conversation with a client’s developers from time to time. Typically, development leads are working on 1-2 unique client projects at a time.“Work from home” has been a part of the strategy and culture since our company’s inception. This is truly a global team, so effective communication is critical for success in this role.

What You’ll Do:

  • Break down stories into tasks and manage task assignments for developers.
  • Improve overall code quality by supervising and participating in PR reviews.
  • Lead by example - contributing high-quality, well-commented code.
  • Monitor the daily progress of the team, ensuring they remain on track with sprint deliverables.
  • Notify project leadership of any delays or technical issues impacting sprint delivery.
  • Ensure that technical documentation for assigned projects remains up-to-date, including 3rd party integrations, API definitions, Entity Relationship Diagrams, and database schemas.
  • Guide developers through the estimate process - help developers establish correct point values for tasks or timeline estimates for features.
  • Responsible for branching merges, and overall CD/CI process using Bitbucket and Bitrise.
  • Follow release checklists, and look for ways to improve the master release checklist.
  • Once approved, submit releases to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Contribute to improving company technical standards and best practices.
  • Assist with interviewing, training, and onboarding new dev leads that join Blue Label Labs.
  • Mentor junior software engineers to improve their skills, and make them more effective, productive software engineers.


  • React Native expert, with some knowledge of Node.js (or .NET) and AWS (or Azure).
  • Proactive, hardworking, and positive attitude.
  • Experience working with a globally distributed team, including India.
  • Ready and eager to assist- no task is too small!
  • Experience with Jira, BitBucket, Bitrise, and Postman.


  • $110,000 to $130,000 annually
  • Eligible for performance bonus twice a year